Costa Bingo Slots: Review

Costa Bingo Dazzles Players with Slot Magic

Costa Bingo has long been a leader in the world of online bingo. Pioneers of free bingo, the site offers a selection of free bingo games 24/7 with real cash prizes up for grabs. Though many sites have tried to follow Costa’s lead, the sunshine bingo room continues to push boundaries when it comes to choice of games, number of rooms, jackpot prizes, bonuses and promotions.

One of the areas where Costa Bingo excels is in the number of slot games available at the site. These games are often available to play as side games alongside regular bingo games – for double the fun. One of the most exciting and popular slot games is Cleopatra Slots. This classic slot game has an Ancient Egyptian theme and features a range of attractive options, bright graphics, atmospheric sound effects and great winning opportunities.

There is of course a huge range of other slot games to choose from with various themes such as retro style games, adventure-themed slots, superhero slots and lots more. All of these slots have great potential winnings and some have a progressive jackpot for even bigger winnings.

Costa Bingo offers players a selection of great 90 ball and 75 ball bingo games with jackpots every day in their paid rooms of up to a massive £3000 for just 25p. Other games offer 10p tickets and jackpots up to £1500. Smaller prizes include regular £200 jackpots and many games cost just 1p to enter.

New players at Costa can enjoy a 200% welcome bonus on their first deposits as well as 50% extra on all re-deposits at the site. Once players have made their first deposits, they can enjoy 24 hours free entry into the First Time Depositor Freebie game where there is a £20 jackpot available to win every 15 minutes. Re-depositing players can also enjoy the chance to win £15 every 30 minutes in their own Daily Deposit Reload Freebie game.

Costa always has great promotions running every month, offering seasonal games with special prizes and offers. Currently the site is running its Mamma Mia promotion in celebration of Mothering Sunday. Players can enter this game every Sunday for the chance to win a slice of the £500 jackpot each time – and cards cost just1p.

In addition to this offer, Costa Bingo is also running its Comic Relief promotion, where players can enter a special game running on 20th March. There is a jackpot of £250 up for grabs with a 1TG jackpot on offer too for even more chances to win a prize. Cards are available now to pre-buy for just 1p and for every card sold to the game, Costa will donate 20p to Comic Relief.

With more top games running every week, with prizes available on instant games, chat games and more – with loads of cash prizes and Costa points up for grabs, in addition to a great range of slots, there is more reason than ever to hop over to Costa Bingo and put some sunshine into your gaming!

Texas Holdem – defending versus 3bets

There will be many times when you look to open raise from position to maybe steal the blinds in either six max or full-ring no-limit Texas Hold em cash games and you get three bet. If these three bets are infrequent then you can put them down to what they are which is basically a re-raise by a stronger hand. However many really aggressive players become too active from the button or cut-off when they get anything remotely decent. Position is an advantage in poker as is aggression but it does need to be used wisely. If it has been folded around to the cut-off who open raises then you do not have the green light to three bet with anything. Continue reading Texas Holdem – defending versus 3bets

Celebrity Poker Players

Who Are The Best Celebrity Poker Players?

Poker appeals to everyone from the rich members of society looking to enjoy the new phenomenon to young students seeking fame and fortune. On television there are regularly celebrity poker tournaments where we see famous actors, sportsman and society figures squaring off on the green felt. The competitive nature of Poker appeals to sportsman perhaps after their sporting retirement looking for a new pursuit and actors enjoy meeting their fans and gaining exposure for their charitable causes and in the case of our profiled players, their own pockets!

One thing in common with celebrities and sports people alike is their desire to win. Whilst I cringe at some of the weak plays on TV by some of the celebrities particularly in the heats leading to the finals some of the well-known poker players are becoming very good at the game and are posting some big results on the circuits around the world. So the biggest question is who is the best celebrity poker player?

I will give you three well-known players and you decide who the best player really is.

Ben Affleck – Actor

Ben received tuition from Annie Duke and won a $10,000 buy-in event at the WPT California State Poker Championship winning $356,400 in 2004. Ben still plays in most World Series of Poker events and plays in big money cash games with friends from Hollywood including Matt Damon and Jack Black. Bankroll is not a major problem for this Hollywood actor and Ben is one of the few superstars from a none poker background to hold a major championship title.

Michael Greco – Actor

Michael is better known as “Beppe” from Eastenders in the 1990’s. Michael has had lots of excellent results in Poker. A good all round player he has won a leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour for $10,000 and has made two final tables at the World Series of Poker. This year, in 2009, he finished third in the $1500 No Limit Holdem event for $248,855. He also has high finishes in the EPT events finishing 71st in the grand final event for $32,871. Michael is considered by UK Poker experts to be on the of the finest UK poker players, not just of the celebrity community and is one of the more active players known as a celebrity.

Tony Cascarino – Ex-Footballer

After finishing his career scoring goals he turned to acquiring chips for a living. Tony immediately took to poker like a duck to water and is a regular feature of British poker events. He won the 7th leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour in 2008 for $99,078 and followed that up with 6th place in the grand final for another hefty prize of $54,795. In 2006 he won the Caribbean Poker Classic for $28,400. Tony is considered, like Michael Greco, an excellent all round poker player not just a good celebrity player.

Teddy Sheringham – Footballer

Teddy spent years partnering Alan Shearer for England and playing for teams such as Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur until his career started winding down at the age of 42. He is known as a bit of a playboy and has been sponsored by large poker sites in the past. Teddy regularly appears in the big poker tournaments posting deep runs in many of them. He won $20,000 in 2006 finishing 9th in the UK Poker Open.

It seems everyone loves poker including the celebrities. Model Leilani is also a keen poker player so you never know who you might end up sitting with at a poker tournament. It may be a famous Sports person, beautiful model, or a well-known poker professional. Who is the best celebrity poker player? It is hard to say but I would prefer none of the four players stated above on my table.

By Malcolm Clarke

Champions Of The WSOP: Chris Moneymaker

Although there are more accomplished WSOP champions, there are few who can claim to have done more for the game of poker today than 2003 champion Chris Moneymaker. Moneymaker even has a poker phenomenon named after him. “The Moneymaker” Effect refers to the boom in poker activity directly resulting from ESPNs coverage of Moneymaker’s historic 2003 main event victory.

Chris Moneymaker and the WSOP

Before 2003, Moneymaker was an accountant and a largely unsuccessful sports gambler. He did enjoy playing poker occasionally on PokerStars and regarded it as a harmless, if not particularly profitable, diversion. That all changed the day he sat down to play a $39 step satellite on PokerStars. The prize for the satellite was entry into a larger satellite, for which the top three finishers would get a seat into the World Series of Poker, and the fourth finisher a cash prize. Although Moneymaker did not necessarily expect to win, he took the satellite extremely seriously, and sequestered himself to play.

The Historic WSOP Online Satellite

As he climbed the money ladder, he decided he wanted to play for the thousands of dollars awarded for fourth place. Moneymaker had mounting debts and desperately needed the money. However, a friend convinced him to play poker tournaments for the seat, promising to buy half of it if Moneymaker won. Moneymaker decided to play on, a fateful decision that turned his winnings from a few thousand for some debts to a life changing multi-million dollar payday.

Chris Moneymaker, WSOP Champion

To Moneymaker’s dismay, the friend could not come up with the money, and Moneymaker was stuck. Fortunately, his dad came to the rescue and bought part of the seat. This turned out to be a great investment as Moneymaker tore through the 839 player field to get heads up with Sammy Farha. In a heads up match watched by more poker fans on ESPN than any WSOP broadcast before, Moneymaker outplayed Farha to win the title.

Moneymaker’s win proved that an amateur could be a world poker champion, and thousands flocked to their computers to try to win their own WSOP seats on the Internet, creating the poker boom that we know today.

Playing suited connectors

A lot of hands in poker stand out as automatic. You know to play pocket rockets every single time preflop. And you know that you’re supposed to fold 7-2 or 6-3 if someone even hints that they’re going to raise the pot. But what do you do about 8-9 of hearts or 10-J of diamonds? These suited connectors can be big hands if the price is right.

If you’re the type of poker player that takes advice from the pros, then you already know to play these suited connectors whenever you can get into a pot – even if you’re playing 5-6 of clubs. Unless someone’s putting a large portion of your stack at risk, the odds are just too great to fold.

For starters, having two different cards gives you a solid probability of catching two pair. In a short-handed game or reading someone with a strong Ace or big pair, two pair is a heartbreaker for opponents.

A bigger pocket, like the blackjack on line special A-J, is going to tie your opponent’s hands if he catches a 5-6-J board and you’re holding a 5-6. Nobody sees this coming. At best, he’s going to think you’re holding a bigger pair or a set.

Then you have a straight possibility. Middle-of-the-road suited connectors will always have something either in front of them or behind them to give you a reason to play. And if you have a reason to be in the hand, you become dangerous. The only thing more dangerous than a bluff is a semi-bluff.

Save the online slots for lucky spinners. Suited connectors are a pro’s hand because they also bring the flush possibilities out of the woodwork. Catching a five-card board with the A, J and 10 of hearts puts you in the driver’s seat if you’re holding the 6-7. What did your opponent play? K-5? It’s possible, but the odds suggest you win.

Of course, the same poker rules apply with this hand as with any hand – must know when to act and when to get away. But coming in with suited connectors gives you multiple ways to take down the pot. They’re just too good to pass up.