Continuation Betting for Beginners

Once you start to learn a bit about Texas Hold’em you are going to come across the term ‘continuation bet’, also know as the ‘c-bet’.

This is a fundamental part of the strategy of any type of poker game, so you may as well get to grips with the concept right now.

Aces can make a dangerous flop
Continuation betting when an Ace shows on the flop can be a tricky proposition.
Basically, when a player bets or raises before the flop, their next bet when the flop has been dealt is known as a continuation bet. Simply put, the player bet, and now continues to bet.

To understand what is happening here in human terms, when you bet pre-flop you are telling the other players that you are holding (what you believe to be) a good hand.

So when the flop has been dealt, if you do not bet again you are saying ‘I don’t think I have a good hand any more‘.

With the true slipperyness of a good poker player, you would only not bet after the flop if you in fact had a great hand.

Leg’s get an example going here. Say you are dealt pocket jacks, and, position allowing, you have raised accordingly. This raise reduces the field to just you and one other player, who flat calls your bet.

If the flop comes, for example, 9 6 4 no matching suits, then you really should bet again here – the continuation bet – unless you want to entice the other player into trying to steal the pot. While that is a reasonable play, we are not talking about that here.

So, if instead of the rags above, the flop comes A K 10, should you still bet here?

The answer is not a straight forward ‘no’. As ever in poker, it depends. In this case it depends a great deal on what read you have on the other player in the hand.

It will also depend on the size of your initial pre-flop bet. When you bet out, and the other players folded, leaving just one opponent, you should have been figuring what he was calling with. If you figured that was an Ace, then where does that leave you with an Ace on the flop?

Of course, not betting that second flop example leaves you open to a bluff from your opponent. Should he bet now, what should you do with you pocket jacks?

Without a good read it can be very difficult to bet in this situation as it will feel like you are throwing away your chips. Even if you are playing with free poker chips this can be a very hard bet to make.

Anoother situation where you should continuation bet is when there are many callers and the flop is weak. In this case you really must reduce the field to have a reasonable chance of winning. If too many players stay in the pot, the odds of one of them getting lucky by the river increase considerably.

One final way to look at c-bets is to imagine a scenario where you have stayed in the game to see the flop with a marginal or weak hand. When the flop comes and you have missed it, how do you feel about a large bet now from the pre-flop raiser?

Have you ever been in a situation where you held cards that you wanted to play out but has to reluctantly fold due to the cost of seeing the river? Well, that is where you want to put your opponents.

Types of online casino games

In recent years there has been a boom in the world of online casinos with many springing up every week. Many people stick with the well-known names in the ‘traditional’ casino world while others have favourites from when there was limited choice, but if you are new to online casinos how do you know which is the best one for you?

It is worth noting that just because a casino is popular it may not be the right one for you. To start off with you need to know what you are looking for in a casino online. Take time to check the selection of games offered carefully and make sure there is enough variety on the site to keep you entertained as well as hosting all your old favourites. Check out the graphics too, especially for exciting games like online slot games – you want to make sure the site has smooth software and that games update instantly
If this is your first foray in to the world of casinos online it can be worthwhile looking for sites that support new gamers; these tend to offer tips and advice on how to play games as well as other important information. They can also offer free games on certain sites so that you can try before you buy.

Many casinos online offer new players bonuses for signing up. Often this is in the form of a deposit match, though some are now offering you completely free money to sign up. If the site you choose offers this it is worth checking their terms and conditions with regard to money withdrawal.

Before signing up to any site whether you are an old pro or a complete beginner it is important to see what other users have said about the online casino and how they have found the game play and customer service elements of the site. Of course in the end you need to make up your own mind about a site but peer reviews can give you an idea of what to expect before you sign up.

Gambling Australians protected by the IGA

The Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 is the main legislative protection in force to prevent Australian players from falling foul of the dangers of online gambling. The act prohibits almost all forms of ‘interactive’ gambling – that pretty much means online gambling.

Gambling Australians protected by the IGAThis law makes it an offense for the online casino or poker room to allow Australians to play in their online gambling site. Some betting is exempted though, such as sports betting, although it specifically prohibits ‘in play’ betting for some reason.

The onus is on the Gaming Club online casino to abide by the law, and there is no provision in this law to make it an offense for the player to gamble online. Australian players can gamble online in any poker site or online casino that will take them.

This law also allows gambling operators to operate from within Australia so long as they are offering their services only to players that are outside the country.

This situation has led a lot of the more well know online casinos and especially poker rooms to prohibit Australian players from accessing their sites. While in a strange twist one of the bigger poker rooms that continues to accept players from the United States of America is actually located in Australia.

Anyway, that is the situation as it stands today, but the whole internet gambling phenomenon has caused the minister in charge of internet regulation to review this legislation with a view to updating it to allow for the changes in online gaming in the last decade. While this review could see Australian lawmakers accept the reality of the internet age and relax their laws, it could also go the other way and tighten things up a whole lot more.

Of course many lawmakers, especially in the U.S., are now looking to online gambling as a solution to their economic woes in the form of the taxes that are to be had, and so it may happen that the Australian Government comes into line with most of the rest of the world and allows their players to have the full benefits of the internet gambling revolution.

We will wait with anticipation. The report is due in June 2012.

The popularity of casino poker

Poker has been an extremely popular game for quite some time now and, with its growing advancements in the software and technology behind the online versions, more and more people are beginning to play the game of poker online.

However, it isn’t an easy game to embark on, it’s not all just luck and planned strategies and skills are very much a part of the game. A good poker face is a bonus but skills are also needed and trying to play with just one or the other may work sometimes but won’t on all occasions.

Whether you play online or in a land based casino, it is extremely important that you first understand the rules of poker. Running in head first and betting an extortionate amount will probably only end in tears.

The best way to learn the rules and regulations of the game is to actually play it but instead of betting money, practice playing on any one of the available online free games. This way you won’t risk losing big sums of cash but will still be able to play alongside others or the computer, which will in turn allow you to learn the aims and rules.

The volume of people playing poker now is astonishing and it’s not just the older generation, the young are also taking part in the game of poker. This is most likely because of all the readily accessible versions available, which in turn cater for a wider audience.

Poker may be difficult but it’s also extremely intriguing and once you know how to play properly you could find yourself winning vast sums of money. Understanding the rules is in act more crucial than understanding the strategies of the game, which is why reading up on tips and information prior to play is always a great idea!